General information about powder coatings

Powder coatings are solid, solvent-free coatings that are cured in an oven after application, creating a closed coating layer. Through efficient recovery of powder, a utilisation rate of up to 98% can be achieved.

Powder coatings, like most surface treatments, primarily have 2 functions, one decorative and one functional.


Decorative aspect

  • Colour
  • Gloss
  • Flow
  • Structure


Economic aspect

  • Low curing temperatures
  • High hiding capacity
  • Reclaimed powder
  • Environmental friendly

Functional aspect

  • Mechanical stress
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Weather effects
  • Chemical resistance
  • Isolating

Composition & Production

Powder coatings are produced from the following raw materials:

  •  Binder ( resin, harderner, accelerator )
  •  Pigments and colourants
  •  Fillers
  •  Additives

The raw materials in granulate and powder form are weighed and homogenised according to the recipe developed by the laboratory.

  • Then the resulting mixture is melted and dispersed in an extruder at temperatures of 90-130°C.
  • After leaving the extruder, the liquid dispersion is rolled flat and brought to room temperature again via a cooled conveyor belt.
  • It is then ground into smaller chips and taken to a mill, where they are milled according to a specific grain size. 
  • After screening and quality control, they are filled into cardboard boxes, big bags or containers.
  • Our process allows for short lead times for all batch sizes via specially matched production lines.
  • This gives us a high degree of flexibility and at the same time we can guarantee the highest quality standards and short delivery times.
  • Since all production orders are controlled by a production planning system (PPS), all departments involved are always aware of the current production progress.

Applications & Branches

Wherever coatings solutions are required, powder coatings offer an environmentally friendly and efficient solution. Our industry expertise lies in the areas of:

air-conditioning technology
storage technology
agricultural machines
lighting technology
machine construction
metal ware
room systems
shelf construction
control cabinets
sports equipment
steel construction
transport containers
doors and gaits
fencing systems
gardening tools
glass industry
household appliances