Certified quality as a corporate philosophy

CWS does not only focus on the environment and green production.  So that future generations can experience the world as we do, our products not only incorporate the most innovative solutions in surface technology, but are also produced in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way.

Not only the production of powder coating is particularly resource-friendly, but also its use. Its high recovery rate and efficient application make powder coating a pioneer in its field. At our main plant on the outskirts of Düren (NRW), we produce in a "factory in the green". The water flowing through the factory premises is used to generate electrical energy by means of 2 water turbines and simultaneously supplies cooling water. These generate about 22kW of peak power and 170MWh per year. In this way, we save renewable resources and give our environmentally friendly products the right start for a clean future. When purchasing electricity, we ensure that it consists of the best possible green energy (80%).  

In the case of EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme), formerly also called Eco-Audit, CWS was the first paint factory in Europe to introduce this system.

KANSAI HELIOS has anchored environmental commitment in its fundamental principles. The Group implements climate protection measures along the entire value chain. Learn more about the group-wide initiatives regarding environment, health and safety here

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