Sponsorship Ringer Association

The Ringerclub CWS Düren-Merken e.V. and the CWS Lackfabrik both look back on a long tradition in the district of Düren-Merken.

Now in its 5th year, CWS is delighted to support the wrestling club Merken and its members. We are the main sponsor of the club and support it.

The sport of wrestling was already a royal discipline among the Greeks in ancient times. The special features of this sport are strength, tactics, suppleness, stamina and sometimes a “tight wrestling. ” All these are attributes that represent decisive values for us as a family business in our corporate management. Sport not only strengthens physical fitness, but also mental and psychological growth. And it teaches us to combine our forces and to use them in a targeted manner. When we channel these forces and learn to consciously steer them, we strive with concentration and control for the good cause and work for what is worthy of promotion – throughout our lives, both privately and professionally.

We see and hope for this powerful and conscious commitment to the cause at CWS – which is why we are all the more convinced in sponsoring this important sport.

The wrestling club Merken has consciously set itself the goal of providing optimal sports and social support for children and young people in their developmental phases. Sports, fitness, health and fun are special concerns of these clubs. Physical exercise, stamina and strength are an important factor in our modern performance society.

We are all very proud that the Düren-Merkener wrestlers are active at the highest level of the Bundesliga. We wish the entire club an injury-free season – especially in this economically and sporting particularly difficult season with continued success and joy.